At times, in the pit of my wanderings
You are your whole country
Your weight makes me switch and nothing tilts in my favor
Neither the discernment nor the facts
I was considering a balance, it's already too much
Then I thought, the inner ear indifferent
At dawn, I quickly concluded on the crack
Leaning towards the impossible
Then, in the evening
I unreservedly devoted myself to the feverish attraction
Tucked entirely in the noose of my attachment
Method: placing meticulously
On each side of the line where nothing is anymore
Where, let's be honest, never was, I mean, steady
Here, the past
The future, say, there
They weigh as much
The good reasons, the cautions
The consequences and the ancient knowledge
The dark desires and the odors of skins
The dives into the center of so private spheres
That they remain there, floating endlessly in the myelin

December 2011